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Objectives and mission


Composition of the International Honorary Council and the Scientific and Philosophical Council.


(first members in alphabetical order)

Driss Ajbali, sociologist, member of the Consultative Council of Human Rights of Marocco
Jean-Pierre Costa
, President of the European Court of Human Rights, Chief Justice
Monica Frassoni
, co-President, Greens / European Free Alliance Group, European Parliament
Elisabet Fura-Sandström
, Judge, European Court of Human Rights
Alvaro Gil-Robles
, former European Commissioner for Human Rights, professor of law
Dauji Gupta
, former Mayor of Lucknow, India (Congress Party)
Marie Anne Isler Béguin, member and former Vice-President, European Parliament
Jean Kahn, President of the Central Consistoire of France, founder and first President of the European Centre on Racism and Xenophobia, former Chairman of the European Jewish Congress
Heinrich Klebes
, Honorary General Secretary, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
Maart Laar
, former Prime Minister of Estonia, member of Parliament
Edward McMillan-Scott
, Vice-President of the European Parliament, European People's Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats Group
Abbé Pierre, founder of Emmaus and Emmaus International U
Georg Ress, former Judge and President, Third Chamber, European Court of Human Rights
Lord Russell-Johnston, member and former President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe; former Chairman of the International Institute of Democracy
Kimon Valaskakis, former Ambassador of Canada at the OECD, President of the Global Governance Group- the School of Athens

SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL (in alphabetical order)

Professeur Bertil Andersson, Chemistry, Director General of the European Science Foundation
Professeur Alexandre Dorna
, Social and political Psychology, President of the French Association of Political Psychology
Professeur Bronislaw Geremek
, History, co-founder of Solidarnosc, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Member of the European Parliament U
Professeur Pierre Karli
, Neurobiology, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Medecine, President Emeritus, Louis Pasteur University (Strasbourg), Member of the French Academy of Sciences
Professeur Rudi J. Rummel, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Hawaii


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