School of Democracy
École de la Démocratie | Schule der Demokratie
    Scuola della Democrazia | Escuela de la Democracia


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Objectives and mission



Troy Davis, President, consulting democracy engineer, President of the World Citizen Foundation
Frédéric Beigbeder,
Vice-President, author, literary director, Flammarion
Hélène Engels
, Dr. Phil., History and Geography professor
Richard Doust
, Pianist, trumpet-player, actor, composer, co-founder Baalnovo

Informal Advisory Council to the President

Dr. Mike Simpson, President, International Space University
Sylvain Schirmann, University Professor of Contemporary History, Director, Political Science Institute of Strasbourg, Université Robert Schumann


Legal information
Genesis, history &
progress of project
Honorary Council
Some members
How to help or participate
Definitions of democracy

Links and resources

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