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École de la Démocratie | Schule der Demokratie
    Scuola della Democrazia | Escuela de la Democracia


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Objectives and mission



Founded on the 30th April 2004 in Strasbourg by 13 people (7 men and 6 women) (see details and documents below)

Statutes of the association declared to the Strasburg "Tribunal d’Instance": 1st July 2004

Date of registration at the official Nonprofit Registry of the County Court of Strasbourg (Tribunal d'Instance), (Volume 82, Folio n° 190): 10 August 2004 (after consent of the "Préfet" of Strasbourg according to article 61 of the Civil Code of Alsace-Moselle)

Release date of the legal announcement in the Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace: 13 August 2004


Statutes and reports of the Founding General Assembly and other Assemblies can be downloaded here.

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