School of Democracy
École de la Démocratie | Schule der Demokratie
    Scuola della Democrazia | Escuela de la Democracia


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Objectives and mission

Association for the support of a School of Democracy,
association created in Strasbourg in April 2004



Setting-up of a research and training centre for peaceful democratic engineering, and support for the development of the first center of excellence and focal point for democratic governance.

  • Research and development of the theory and practice of peaceful democratic engineering
  • Training in democratic engineering for independent and non-partisan experts, the future democracy engineers. Development of training programmes of varied durations and curricula.
  • Advice in democratic engineering for governments, inter-governmental organisations, public or private organisations. 
  • Development of the profession and deontology of democracy engineers, and of the labour market for this profession.


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Contact: ASED, 31 Boulevard de la Marne, 67000 Strasbourg | Tel 33-388-614628 | Email: